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Wallcovering Services


Bundren Painting has been installing quality wallcoverings in the Houston area for more than 35 years. Our dedicated professionals have worked in new construction as well as renovations and we can work around your crew and work with your schedule to produce the minimum disruption to your workers and workload.


We Remove Your Wallcoverings with Care

Taking down old wallcovering can uncover some unfortunate surprises. Un-sized walls or poorly finished wall surfaces can lead to extra prep work once the old wallcovering is off. Moisture build-up may cause sheetrock damage when the old wallpaper is peeled back. These variances are just a part of the business of putting up quality wallcovering, but we will do our best to allow for this in our proposed schedule.

Wallcovering removal is something that needs to be done with focus and care. Invariably there will be surprises and factors that may take a bit more time to put right. There may be some disruption within the space as we carefully remove and discard old wallcovering, but our crews are mindful of keeping the space cleared and clean for access by your employees as necessary.


Prep Work is Key

Before a quality wallcovering job can get started, there are always preparatory steps that need to be taken. Depending on what preparatory work was done before we started the wallcovering removal, there may be skim-coating or repair work to be done under the old wallcovering. Luckily, our professionals have a great deal of experience with these unknowns. Patching, smoothing and sanding of the wall surface is critical to a quality wallcovering installation.

If there are changes that need to be made to the wallcovering schedule, you will be made aware of these challenges as soon as we know what preparatory work will need to be done. However, quality prep work equals quality wallcovering, so it’s worth the wait.

Great Adherence to a Smooth Surface

Once the old wallcovering is off and the surface has been prepped, our quality wallcovering services team can get rolling. Even better, we will make sure that your walls are prepped properly so the next time a vinyl wallcovering needs to be swapped out, the work will be much faster.

Once the prep work is done, we will move ahead quickly. Our crews are fast, and they make the job of wallcovering installation look simple. While this is the part of the project that makes the biggest visual impact, it’s also the part that goes the fastest once the prep work is done. Our Houston TX wallcovering installation teams know their stuff and are excited to get your building back in order and your folks back to work, uninterrupted.


We Can Work Around Constraints

There are few wallpapering or painting jobs that don’t require some flexibility and skill. Working around features such as cabinetry and fire extinguishers, not to mention switches, outlets and vents, is just part of our job. You can be sure that your wallcovering job will be finished cleanly and look sharp before we are done.

In addition to wall-mounted obstructions, our crew can help you plan for disruption of larger items, such as storage shelving and file cabinets. These pieces are not easy to move and you may not have another room where you can store them. Our crews can protect your equipment while they remove old wallcovering material, clean and prep the existing walls, and install the new wallcovering so these larger pieces can go back in place with a minimum of disruption.


It’s a Collaborative Effort

Your job is to make it easy for your employees to keep your business rolling and we will do everything we can to help! Our team leaders can coordinate with you on critical areas and times to limit disruptions to your workflow. If there is a problem in a workspace, our team leaders can be there to redirect our crews so everyone can keep moving forward.

We will also do our best to keep shared entrances and exits tidy for all who need to access them. Particularly during the prep process, sheetrock repair can be messy. However, our team is always ready to keep this dust to a minimum and can provide sticky mats to reduce the risk of tracking it from the work area to areas where your employees are working. We understand that you still have a job to do!


This is Our Home

Bundren Painting has been working in Houston for a long time. We’ve painted and installed wallcoverings in churches, condos, and sports facilities all across this area. We’ve worked in the MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Facility and at NASA. Our crews call this area home and we take pride in making local businesses and buildings look professional and polished. We can help you get your building looking terrific, too.

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