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Commercial Specialty Coatings


If an interior or exterior surface in your business has lost its luster or seems prone to damage, a special type of coating may help. Functional coatings can help protect surfaces. Some coatings also have aesthetic benefits. 
If you want to cover existing damage, give a surface a new look or find a way to protect one or more surfaces, the specialty coating contractors of Bundren Painting can help.


Popular Types of Interior and Exterior Commercial Coatings

If you own a business in Houston or one of the surrounding areas, you may want several types of coatings to minimize common risks in the region. These are some of the types of projects that we handle.


Exterior Coating

A high-quality coating can help extend the life of your building’s exterior. A coating that seals the exterior of your building can help prevent some damage, leaks, stains and mildew.


Interior Coating

The paint or walls on the inside of your building can also benefit from a good coating with a strong sealing quality. You can protect your investment longer, and it is more likely to maintain an attractive appearance for a longer period. Also, some coatings have a specific purpose. For example, there are antimicrobial paints and coatings.


Interior Floor Coating

Interior floors should be both attractive and functional. This is true for retail or industrial spaces. If the floor looks attractive, customers and employees are more likely to feel comfortable. A safer floor is also less of a liability.


Parking Lot Coating

Coating your parking lot or parking structure floors can extend the useful life of your investment. The continual turning and traffic can strain the pavement, and both rain and sun can affect potholes and cracks. If you maintain a good coating, you can slow damage, improve traction and improve the appearance.


Issues to Consider in Choosing a Commercial Coating

When most people think about coatings, they only think about protection. However, there are other issues to consider, and your priorities may differ from those of other businesses. Your type of business and the features of your building determine which specialty coatings are right for you. Evaluate these points to see if they apply to your needs.


Slip Resistance

For floors, slip-resistant additives can be put in epoxy and other types of coatings. When some coatings are wet, they are slippery. However, slip-resistant additives can create more traction. This is useful for retail spaces, industrial floors in factories that use a lot of liquids and in other places where moisture is an unavoidable risk.



Some floors are also prone to moisture vapor, which can speed up flooring failures, mold growth and more. Waterproofing the interior and the exterior can help. If your interior and exterior have moisture barriers, you may reduce some health risks to employees and customers. Antimicrobial paint is also useful in humid or damp areas.


Chemicals and Extreme Wear

If your business activities leave you prone to chemical spill risks, a special floor coating is helpful. However, not all types of coatings are optimized to withstand chemicals. A professional can help you find the right type of coating to prevent damage from excessive wear or chemical spills.


Industry Regulations

Some industries have special requirements for floor coatings. For example, businesses in the food and beverage industry must comply with the USDA’s regulations for flooring. Compliant coatings can also help prevent mold growth.



Noise is common in industrial spaces. If your workplace is especially noisy, it can be stressful for workers. Using a soundproof coating can help reduce the noise.


Static Electricity

In many industrial spaces, static electricity exists and is a constant danger. With a static control coating, you can help reduce your risks.

If another reason for choosing a wall or floor coating is aesthetics, you have plenty of choices. Most coatings can be tinted and applied in multiple layers. We can help you pick the right type of coating for your surface, aesthetic goals and operational goals.


Specialty Coatings Contractor in Houston TX

If you are in the Houston TX or surrounding area and need specialty coatings, Bundren Painting offers a wide range of products and services. During our 35 years of experience, some of our notable projects have been with the MD Anderson Cancer Center, NASA and Reliant Stadium. In addition to many others, we serve:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Educational facilities
  • Hospitals and medical buildings
  • Churches
  • Parking garages
  • High-rise condos

We back up our work with a satisfaction guarantee. To give you peace of mind, our contractors are insured and professional. We understand paint and coating properties, substrates and modern methods. We use the latest technologies and are knowledgeable about all commercial paints and coatings. With the ability to work in tough environments, there is no job that is too difficult for us. Our professionals work quickly and efficiently to minimize productivity interruptions at your business. For a free estimate on a specialty coatings contractor in the Houston area, please contact us.

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