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Office Painting for the Houston Area


Getting your office repainted can be a project with a high pain point. How disruptive will this be? Can it be finished quickly, or will delays make for stressful days for your employees and disruptions for your clients? With help from the commercial painting professionals of Bundren Painting, you can be confident that one of our big goals is helping you put your office back together quickly.


Prep Work

Once the colors are chosen and it’s time to get busy, our first step will be to take care of the prep work necessary to provide you with a terrific paint job. One of the challenges in office painting is the fact that everything needs to be moved away from the wall to get the project done. This means that computer desks and all their cabling, file cabinets and storage or paper shred bins will all need to be relocated while our skilled team of office painters takes care of prepping the wall for a smooth finish before we apply that topcoat of paint.


We Keep the Mess to a Minimum

Our office painting team knows that renovation debris, sheetrock repair dust and other factors of repainting your office space need to be maintained and dealt with. Our team of painting professionals has years of experience and is happy to work with you. Shared entrances will be policed for debris and dust and we will tidy the job site every night to make sure that dust does not get tracked through your office space. We will also do our best to make sure that areas open to the public are vulnerable to as little disruption as possible. Your professional image will be brightened both by a great paint job and by our crew members.


Air Quality

All the members of our professional office painting team can provide you with low-dust and limited-debris wall repairs and painting prep work. Once the dust is captured and contained, the walls will be ready for painting. We can work with your management team on the best way to make sure that your employees are not bothered by any odors or fumes. Best of all, our paint choices are top notch and we use low VOC (volatile organic chemical) products in every application possible. While it’s not possible to procure a completely odorless paint, your employees will not be exposed to any dangerous fumes. 


We Have History

Larry Bundren started our company back in 1984. He was determined to use the very best paint to provide excellent quality finishes to commercial facilities in the Houston area. Our Katy TX location is ideally suited for paint jobs throughout the Houston metro area and our commercial painting history stretches way back.

From helping to remove, repair and paint sheetrock damaged by  floods and Hurricanes to our work on the brand new construction at Reliant Stadium, the professional commercial painters of Bundren Painting know the best way to provide you with a terrific looking paint job of the highest quality while making it possible for your employees to do their jobs. We know our stuff, and part of our job is making it possible for your business to keep working!


Schedule is Key

If there’s any constant in construction, it’s that nothing ever goes exactly as planned. However, the office painters who work for Bundren understand that you have a schedule to keep and a public to serve, as well as employees who need to know what will happen when so they can do their jobs. Our history of being able to successfully keep to a schedule to keep your business moving is easily demonstrated by the work we did on One Park Place. This 37-story building included over 1 million square feet of wall painting and nearly half a million square feet of ceiling work. However, we knew that the owners needed this project to move forward and were able to wrap up two floors, fully finished every week for the owner to market and fill. Over 50,000 hours of painting work went into this building, and we were accident free for the entire project.


Information is Key

Our estimators work extremely hard to build contingencies into our painting schedules and materials estimates to make sure that you and your employees have a light, and a beautifully painted office, at the end of the renovation tunnel. If something comes up that may force a schedule change, you will be informed immediately of

1) what the problem is,

2) how we’re going to address it, and

3) how we’re going to get back on schedule.

We understand how disruptive an office paint job can be and that the people who work for you may find this whole process disruptive. This disruption can cause stress among your employees, so if the schedule needs to change, you will have information that you can share with your teams.


We Hire the Best to Paint Your Office

Our painting professionals know this business and understand how to work efficiently in an occupied space. Our work history includes prepping and painting many facilities in the Houston metro area, including working warehouses, factory spaces and parking structures.

Internal facilities including condominiums, restaurants and university spaces are also part of our history and skillset. We’ve worked in restaurants in the area and painted or applied vinyl wallcovering to strip malls, banks and many office parks in the area. Most importantly, we are trusted to prep walls for painting in local hospitals. Our painting team knows how to work effectively in spaces where employees need to pass through to get to their jobs. We can work with your traffic needs.

If you’re on the fence about an office painting project because you don’t want to deal with the disruption and mess, call us. If you don’t know if you can find a contractor who can work with your crucial access points, call us. If you’re just not sure how to even start, call us! Our job is to make your place look great while working efficiently in a shared space. Join the list of local businesses who’ve had a great experience with Bundren Painting.

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