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Empty factory building or warehouse building with concrete floor for industry background.If your factory is due for a makeover or a touch-up, look no further than Bundren Painting. We have the time and the ability to paint the building from top to bottom. Whether it is located in Houston TX or the surrounding area, it will be a priority at our factory painting company. For over 35 years, our painting crew has fulfilled the varying needs of business owners. Now that you need our assistance, we want to take on your commercial painting project from start to finish. We are able to paint factories right on our first try.


Seasoned Painters in Houston TX You Can Hire and Depend On

Why take a chance by hiring any old fly-by-night company that serves the Houston area? Entrusting your project to painting specialists like us is worth your while for two valid reasons. First, you save money because our commercial service is not just affordable. It is also friendly to budgets. Second, you reduce the downtime. At our factory painting company, we complete jobs before the deadline by working with great efficiency and cooperating with clients every step of the process. That is why hiring us is a beneficial move. Feel free to reach out to our dutiful staff whenever you have questions.

Anytime you want to improve or change the appearance of your commercial building, we would like to hear from you. It is easy and wonderful to partner up with seasoned factory painters like us because we maintain ongoing communication, and we strive for excellence. There is no room for mediocrity. Like you, we want to be the best in our field. This should let you know that we will stop at nothing to meet and exceed your expectations.


Benefits of Updating the Look of Your Factory

It is hard to describe the gratification we feel right after we bring a project to a successful end. However, we can accurately outline the top benefits of hiring professional and insured factory painters. One new layer of paint has the power to make a huge difference, and here is why:

A high-quality paint job will provide your commercial building with a protective barrier. The exterior and the interior will be less vulnerable to moisture, rust and similar problematic elements. Choose the right color, and you are bound to see a sharp improvement in your employees’ morale and overall performance. If you need assistance with choosing a color, we will give you a hand. The experts on our team know how to mix various shades to create the most desirable colored paints.

You will have to spend less money on upkeep when we get done with adding our finishing touches. At our factory painting company, we use the best paints on the market because they are designed to perform exceptionally well in commercial settings. Dirt, grime and other types of crud will not penetrate or adhere to our specialized coatings. For this reason, the building will boast a clean, unified look for years to come.

Commercial painting goes a long way toward keeping your brand’s image intact. This is the case because the public will see a well-maintained building when it looks at your factory. When any governing agency wants to conduct an inspection, you can rest assured that it will not find peeling and cracked paint. The thick, smooth coats we apply will satisfy not only inspectors but also your highest expectations.


Leading Factory Painters with Proficiency in Commercial Paint Application

We guarantee that you will have zero complaints about Bundren Painting. Achieving your complete satisfaction is at the top of our agenda. How do we eliminate the likelihood of paint failure? Our approach to the painting process is easy to understand. We avoid such a problem by placing a great deal of emphasis on surface preparation. The more thorough we are during the prepping stage, the better the finish will be. That is why we look to cut expenditure, not corners. As a client at our factory painting company, you will go through no hassles. You will get the outstanding customer service that you deserve.


Our Professionalism Matches Our High Standards

Long-lasting relationships are worth establishing because we jump at every opportunity to put our skilled hands to use. Once you work with our commercial painting crew, we are positive that you will entrust all your factory-based projects to Bundren Painting. We excel at handling large and small jobs. Are you interested in specialty coatings? Share your vision with us so that we can provide you with some professional insights and next-level designs. One of our goals entails making your factory look aesthetically pleasing from every angle.

Since we are on a mission to set a new standard in the painting industry in Houston TX, you can count on us to do the little and big things that matter to you. We will show up on time and answer your questions whether they are about our service or the commercial painting process. On top of that, we will respect your factory and paint it with unwavering care. Factories pose a unique set of challenges, but we can transform them to the clients’ specifications. Call Bundren Painting today to get more details and to schedule an appointment with dedicated factory painters.

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L.D. Bundren Painting was formed by Larry Bundren in 1984 to provide quality finishes to the commercial painting industry. From the small beginnings of a two man office we have grown to a company capable of competing in any market.