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Commercial Exterior Painting


It is widely known that curb appeal can increase the value of a home. Everyone wants to visit a home that is maintained well and looks appealing from the outside.
Likewise, in business, curb appeal is even more important since most buyers will judge your business by its proverbial cover when deciding where to shop. When your commercial building looks dilapidated from the outside, you will end up chasing away a substantial portion of your customer base. Even if your business is not in retail, a bad exterior appearance can make your business less attractive to clients and employees alike. Thankfully, most issues with curb appeal can be quickly solved with the help of the right commercial painting contractor.


Why Paint Your Business?

Businesses in highly competitive industries often have to focus on trying to shave off costs in all possible areas to remain profitable. Unfortunately, eagerness to cut expenses often drives businesses to make the serious mistake of neglecting to keep their buildings adequately painted. Failing to paint your business can hurt your bottom line for several reasons:

  •  Businesses operating out of buildings that appear dull and dated are automatically perceived to offer inferior products by most buyers.
  • Moss and mildew naturally start to grow once old paint starts to crack and deteriorate due to sunlight and other unavoidable factors.
  • Old paint can enable structures to start corroding.
  • Buildings that are not painted regularly are much more vulnerable to expensive water damage.
  • Improper or insufficient painting can lead to severe legal consequences for businesses in regulated industries.


Commercial Exterior Painting is a Fast and Inexpensive Solution

All of the consequences associated with bad exterior paint can be resolved in a matter of days or weeks by professionals. Painting costs are trivial relative to the cost of a large commercial building, but the right paint job can usually make even a dated building look as good as new. To get the most value out of your building in Houston TX, therefore, it is imperative to have your buildings painted on a regular basis.

Bundren Painting is a commercial painting contractor that specializes in helping building owners and tenants with exemplary painting services. Since painting is a major factor in what makes a business successful, you should focus on being sure that your building’s paint truly matches your needs.

In some industries, for instance, the color of a building can lead to a significant difference in sales volume. Colors can convey what a company stands for and help to get the attention of people in your target market. If you work with a true expert in commercial painting like Bundren, you can be sure to seize every opportunity for adding value through your choice of external paints.

Advantages of Bundren Painting

As a commercial painting contractor that has been in business for over 35 years, Bundren possesses a firm understanding of how to properly paint any commercial building. Bundren offers full-service commercial painting. We can apply our technical knowledge in the properties and characteristics of adhesives to paint in almost any environment, including when specialty coatings are necessary. Best of all, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our jobs.

Part of our company’s ability to deliver results is derived from our early adoption of modern technology. We dedicate significant time each year to researching new products that enter the marketplace. Once we discover a new technology, we put it to work immediately for our clients. Our team is highly trained to use the latest techniques. In fact, many of our employees have been with our company for several decades. With enough time on the job, we have successfully nurtured a team that provides knowledgeable service at the right price.


Types of Jobs That Bundren Can Handle

Over the years, Bundren has truly seen it all. Whether working with local churches or painting other important buildings at NASA, Bundren has dedicated significant effort toward mastering every job. Many of Bundren’s clients own factories or warehouses in the industrial sector where a high level of expertise is a basic requirement. Since we actually specialize in working on commercial buildings, we have been able to work for government organizations and nonprofits. Hospitals, municipal buildings, and public service facilities are only a sample of the type of buildings that our team has painted in the public sector.

Whether your business is large or small, you can get the job done right by working with Bundren. Although many of our clients have been large corporations, we are glad to offer our team to work on projects that are very small. We have significant experience in working with new building tenants who want to have their facilities customized. In fact, our reputation in Houston TX is so extensive that it is likely that your landlord is familiar with our company, and this reputation can make building owners more likely to accommodate your painting needs.


Get Your Business Painted This Week

If you are thinking about commercial exterior painting, it is important for you to make the right decisions to get the results that you are seeking. Bundren has a team of experts in a broad range of painting-related competencies who can help you to understand the considerations necessary to ensure that you get the best results. Once decisions have been made, our team will quickly go to work painting your facilities in a way that minimizes interruptions to your operations. Reach out to Bundren Painting now to schedule a free initial consultation.

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